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Greg Kimsey on The New York Times

Some Republicans Want to Count Votes by Hand. Bad Idea, Experts Say.

- The New York Times
Republican county officials, as well as candidates for statewide offices, suggest that counting by hand would be more reliable than machine tabulation. Research shows the opposite. Over the past two years, Republicans have pursued an array of changes to how Americans vote. The past few weeks have drawn attention to a particularly drastic idea: counting all ballots by hand.
Officials in Cochise County, Ariz., recently pushed to do that in next month’s election, and whether or not...

Greg Kimsey on The Columbian

Voter fraud at fore in Clark County auditor’s race

Incumbent Kimsey says elections are secure; challenger Simpson disagrees

- The Columbian
With allegations of voter fraud and stolen elections still resonating with some voters, this year’s race for Clark County auditor has, in many ways, become a referendum on election security and integrity.
In a typical election year, the county auditor race attracts little attention and even fewer challengers. But this is not a typical election year, and the race between incumbent Greg Kimsey and challenger Brett Simpson has remained at the forefront of voters’...

Greg Kimsey on NPR

Hand-counting ballots may sound nice. It's actually less accurate and more expensive

Many Americans are unfamiliar with how elections are run. And in recent years, purveyors of false claims have taken advantage of that lack of knowledge to sow doubts about certain aspects of the voting process.
In response, NPR's voting team is offering a series of explainers on some of these election topics. This is the second. You can find all of our stories here.
It's a common refrain from election deniers and the Republicans who support them this election cycle: Get rid of the...

Greg Kimsey on The Columbian

In Our View: Kimsey superior choice for Clark County auditor

- The Columbian
For more than two decades, Greg Kimsey has served with integrity, honor and transparency as Clark County auditor. The Columbian’s Editorial Board strongly recommends that Kimsey be reelected to a position that includes overseeing local elections.
As always, this is merely a recommendation. The Columbian trusts that voters will study the candidates and the issues before casting an informed ballot.
An informed examination of Kimsey’s performance reveals that his office...

Greg Kimsey on The Seattle Times

Heritage Foundation is dead wrong about WA’s election integrity

- The Seattle Times
Science fiction and fantasy have long explored the idea of opposite earths — think “Star Trek’s” mirror universe or Superman’s Bizarro World. But it seems the power of former President Donald Trump’s lies about stolen elections have brought these inverted lands closer to our reality.
Where else but in an upside-down world would Washington rank toward the bottom on election security?
Yet, that’s where the Heritage Foundation places our state...

Greg Kimsey on ABC News

With 10 weeks until midterms, election deniers are hampering some election preparations

Some election deniers have "weaponized" against us, one election official says.

- ABC News
In Colorado, supporters of Donald Trump seeking evidence of 2020 election fraud have flooded some county offices with so many records requests that officials say they have been unable to perform their primary duties.
In Nevada, some election workers have been followed to their cars and harassed with threats.
And in Philadelphia, concerns about the potential for violence around Election Day have prompted officials to install bulletproof glass at their ballot-processing...

Greg Kimsey on Clark County Today

Judge denies motion for a preliminary injunction in lawsuit against Auditor Greg Kimsey

- Clark County Today
Lawsuit filed by Kimsey’s opponent in Nov. 8 general election alleged the Clark County Elections Office sent an incorrect primary ballot to over 300,000 voters In a hearing held Friday (July 29) morning, Clark County Superior Court Judge Derek Vanderwood denied a request for a preliminary injunction that was made as part of a lawsuit against Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey and Clark County Elections Director Cathie Garber.
The lawsuit was filed by Brett Simpson, Kimsey’s...

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