“Kimsey superior choice for Clark County Auditor.”
- The Columbian Editorial Board - [link]

Endorse Greg Kimsey for Clark County Auditor

Greg is endorsed by:

Statements of Support

  • I have known and have worked with Greg for over a decade. Not only does he oversee free and fair elections, but his audits have won national awards.
    Chuck Green, Clark County Charter Review Commission
  • Greg is not only excellent in his elected position but an excellent person.
    Lynn Engdahl, individual
  • honesty at every level and a true gentleman, and politics does not enter the job...
    Arthur Stubbs, retired
  • I trust our elections because of Greg Kimsey.
    Brad Jensen, Wrenhaven LLC
  • Greg has demonstrated superb skills in managing our election process efficiently, effectively, and equitably. His personal skills are exceptional and serve Clark County well in promoting understanding and support of our Elections Office.
    Phil Landesberg
  • I was born and raised in Vancouver. Although I now reside in Cowlitz County, Greg has always preserved the integrity of Clark County's elections and is a strong advocate for voting rights. Greg Kimsey is the only viable option for Auditor.
    Bentley Freville
  • I fully endorse Greg Kimsey. He is one of the finest public officials that I have ever known.
    Ralph Munro, Former Washington Secretary of State
  • I am endorsing Greg Kimsey for county auditor because I believe he is the only qualified candidate for this job. Please join me in supporting Greg for Clark County auditor.
    Liz Luce, Clark County auditor
  • Please join me in supporting Greg Kimsey's re-election as Clark County auditor. Greg brings the experience, knowledge and personal integrity to ensure that elections are secure, fair and transparent.
    Sam Reed, Former Washington Secretary of State
  • I support Greg Kimsey's re-election as Clark County Auditor. Under his leadership our elections have been honest and fair and the people of Clark County can have confidence in the integrity of our elections. Please vote for Greg Kimsey for Clark County auditor.
    Anne McEnerney-Ogle, Mayor of Vancouver
  • I have known Greg Kimsey for a long time. He is dedicated to his work - FOR YOU - and is one of the most honest people I know.
    Ron Onslow, Councilor, Ridgefield; 2022 Clark County First Citizen
  • Greg Kimsey has the good qualities we want in an elected official. He is hard-working, dedicated, experienced, capable, and fair. Greg listens and engages people from various points of view to make solid decisions based on well-thought-out processes and good information. He has kept the integrity and openness in our elections process in Clark County. Greg rises above partisan politics and does the job for all of us---his constituents. Greg Kimsey deserves to be re-elected. Thankfully, he is willing to continue serving in public office. We need him.
    Don Brunell, Former President & CEO Association Washington Business
  • I have full confidence in Greg Kimsey. I hope you will join me in voting for him.
    Shane Bowman, Councilor - Battle Ground
  • My family and I will be voting for Greg Kimsey for county auditor. He has managed his office efficiently and with integrity, we are lucky to have him serve us in this important position.
    Jim Malinowski, Commissioner - Clark Public Utilities
  • Greg Kimsey has done an amazing job for Clark County. He has my support, endorsement and vote.
    Bart Hansen, Councilor Vancouver
  • Greg’s ethics and character are exceptional and he is the best candidate for County Auditor.
    Tim Schauer
  • Clark County has been fortunate to have Greg Kimsey, an honest, dedicated public servant, for 24 Years. Vote for Greg and keep him working for ALL Clark County residents.
    Judy Chipman, Councilor - Ridgefield
  • Experience. Knowledge. Integrity. Proven track record. Nonpartisan. Fair. Leadership. The right candidate for the position.
    Stacey Graham
  • Greg does a superb job as county auditor. He’s always willing to explain all the steps to ensure our voting system is accurate, fair and complete. We need more public servants like Greg!
    Mary Beth Hogan
  • Greg is a listener, thinker, and doer. He runs our elections in a fair, rational, and professional manner and we're lucky to have him.
    Bob and Jan Verrinder
  • As a physicist and engineer I value integrity, a trait Greg clearly exemplifies.
    Dennis Megrditchian, Self
  • So I met Greg some years ago, and maybe when I first did election observing, or when my son needed to get an absentee ballot while he was in Afghanistan, or when I had questions about the audit of the Legacy Lands programme. It actually doesn't matter how I met him. What matters is that every time he has always been helpful and unfailingly professional, what more could we want in our county ordered, objective, responsive, clear, non partisan and fair? That's what we want and what more could we ask for? But he does far more than run fair elections. As county auditor, he's racked up an impressive awards for outstanding performance from the Government Finance Officers Association, including, this year, a new award for outstanding achievement in popular financial reporting. In other words, making audit information readily accessible to us, the citizens transparency and integrity, at it's best. I have no hesitation in endorsing Greg. He has my vote, and he should have yours. I really hope this works out well because we need him at the helm. Thank you.
    Bridget McLeman
  • I am proud to support Greg Kimsey for Clark County Auditor. Greg has managed one of the most professional election organizations, not only in Washington, but in the country. If you want fair and professionally run elections in the future, vote for Greg Kimsey.
    Steve Hogan, Mayor - Camas


  • Washington Farm Bureau
  • Mainstream Republicans of Washington
  • Vancouver Firefighters - IAFF No. 452
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 48
  • SW WA Central Labor Council
  • 49th Legislative District Republican Precinct Committee Officers
  • Young Democrats of Clark County
  • 20th Legislative District Democrats
  • Clark Co. Democratic Party (recommended, not endorsed)
  • Vancouver Education Association WEA-PAC (recommended, not endorsed)
  • Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 290
  • WA Equality PAC

Current and Former Elected Officials

  • Denny Heck (Lieutenant Governor)
  • Ralph Munro (Former Washington Secretary of State)
  • Sam Reed (Former Washington Secretary of State)
  • Annette Cleveland (State Senator - 49th Legislative District)
  • Paul Harris (State Representative - 17th Legislative District)
  • Larry Hoff (State Representative - 18th Legislative District)
  • Ed Orcutt (State Representative - 20th Legislative District)
  • Craig Pridemore (Commissioner - Clark County; State Senator 49th Legislative District)
  • Tim Probst (State Representative - 17th Legislative District)
  • Ann Rivers (State Senator & Representative - 18th Legislative District)
  • Monica Stonier (State Representative - 49th Legislative District)
  • Dean Sutherland (State Senator & Representative - 17th Legislative District)
  • Joe Tanner (State Representative - 18th Legislative District)
  • Brandon Vick (State Representative - 18th Legislative District)
  • Sharon Wylie (State Representative - 49th Legislative District)
  • Scott Anders (District Court Judge - Clark County)
  • Chuck Atkins (Sheriff - Clark County)
  • Ed Barnes (Commissioner - Clark County (appointed))
  • Tony Golik (Prosecuting Attorney - Clark County)
  • Barbara D. Johnson (Superior Court Judge - Clark County)
  • Doug Lasher (Treasurer - Clark County)
  • Temple Lentz (Councilor, Freeholder - Clark County)
  • Garry Lucas (Sheriff - Clark County)
  • Liz Luce (Clark County auditor)
  • Betty Sue Morris (Commissioner - Clark County; State Representative 18th Legislative District)
  • Julie Olson (Councilor - Clark County)
  • Beryl Robison (Commissioner - Cowlitz County,)
  • Alishia Topper (Treasurer - Clark County)
  • Peter Van Nortwick (Assessor - Clark County)
  • Vern Veysey (Commissioner - Clark County)
  • Scott Weber (Clerk - Clark County)
  • Mari Greves (Board member - Vancouver Public Schools)
  • Mark Stoker (Board member - Vancouver Public Schools)
  • Holly Williams (Board member - Evergreen School District)
  • Shane Bowman (Councilor - Battle Ground)
  • Pat Campbell (Councilor - Vancouver)
  • Judy Chipman (Councilor - Ridgefield)
  • Adrian Cortes (Councilor - Battle Ground)
  • Molly Coston (Mayor - Washougal)
  • Paul Greenlee (Councilor - Washougal)
  • Bruce Hagensen (Mayor - Vancouver)
  • Bart Hansen (Councilor Vancouver)
  • Nan Henriksen (Mayor - Camas; Freeholder - Clark County)
  • Steve Hogan (Mayor - Camas)
  • Linda Horowitz (Councilor - Vancouver)
  • Philip Johnson (Councilor - Battle Ground)
  • Pat Jollota (Councilor - Vancouver; Freeholder - Clark County)
  • Troy McCoy (Councilor - Battle Ground)
  • Jennifer McDaniel (Councilor - Washougal)
  • Anne McEnerney-Ogle (Mayor of Vancouver)
  • Ron Onslow (Councilor, Ridgefield; 2022 Clark County First Citizen)
  • Erik Paulsen (Councilor - Vancouver)
  • Royce Pollard (Mayor - Vancouver)
  • Larry Smith (Councilor - Vancouver)
  • Don Stose (Councilor - Ridgefield)
  • Greg Thornton (Mayor - La Center)
  • Lee Wells (Councilor - Ridgefield)
  • Brad Lothspeich (Commissioner - Fire Protection District No. 6)
  • Jack Burkman (Commissioner - Port of Vancouver; Councilor - Vancouver)
  • Eric LaBrant (Commissioner - Port of Vancouver)
  • Denny Kiggins (Commissioner - Clark Regional Waste Water District)
  • Neil Kimsey (Commissioner - Clark Regional Waste Water District)
  • Jim Malinowski (Commissioner - Clark Public Utilities)


  • Debbie Abraham
  • Ralph Akin
  • Marian Anderson
  • Jan Asai
  • Karen Axell
  • Terry Babin
  • Dan Barnes
  • Randy Bauder
  • Lisa Bayautet
  • Joe Beaudoin
  • Dave Bennett
  • Sam & Ruth Bennett
  • Matt Bergeron
  • Ron Bergman
  • Bob & Karen Bernhardt
  • Richard Bernheimer
  • Rich Biggs
  • Sharon Boardman
  • Kris Bockmier
  • Mike Bomar
  • Jerry Botts
  • Jerry Bowdle
  • Mitch Bower, Jr.
  • Thera Bradshaw
  • Bernie Bramante
  • Scott Brattebo
  • Mike Briggs
  • Sandy and Chuck Bristol
  • Don Brunell (Former President & CEO Association Washington Business)
  • Sharif Burdzik
  • Sherry Burkman
  • Joan Caley
  • Duncan Camacho
  • Brad Carlson
  • Brian Carlson
  • Arvilla Carney
  • Thomas R. Carney
  • Bob Carroll
  • Ray & Nina Cavola
  • Lonna & Cora Chandler
  • Greg Cheney
  • Aaron Claridge
  • Dan Clark
  • Wayne Clemetson
  • Leah Coiteux
  • Robert Lee Cone
  • Onofre Contreras, Jr.
  • Hunt Coracci
  • Susan Courtney
  • Carolyn Crain
  • Jon Creedon
  • Tom Crowley
  • Bruce Davis
  • Steven Day
  • Debbie Dean
  • Cindy Dickinson
  • Matt Dittrich
  • Ann Donnelly
  • John Donnelly
  • Judy Dresser
  • Nickie Dubbs
  • Jane N. Dudik
  • Bob and Debbie Durgan
  • Lynn Engdahl (individual)
  • Gary and Nancy Ervin
  • Gina Fair
  • Margie Ferris
  • Ed Foehl
  • Karin Ford
  • Bentley Freville
  • Randall Friesen
  • Linda Frischmeyer
  • David Fuhrer
  • Nancy and Mike Gaston
  • Ted Gathe
  • Tim Gaughan
  • David Gellatly
  • Steve Gibbs
  • Lisa Gibert
  • Ken Giles
  • Betty Goggin
  • Randy Goggin
  • Stacey Graham
  • Dr. Liz Grauer
  • Chuck Green (Former Co-Chair, Clark County Charter Review Commission)
  • Dr. Rick Green
  • Linda Greep (Retired)
  • Dr. John Griffith
  • Jacqueline Groher
  • Tom Hagley
  • Dennis Hall
  • Ed Hamilton Rosales
  • Kim Hamlik
  • Jeff Hamm
  • Todd Harris
  • Ryan Hart
  • Lori Hawkins
  • Lauren Helgeson
  • Karen Hengerer
  • Ray Herkert
  • Gregg Herrington
  • Mary Beth Hogan
  • Roberta A. Holbert-Slabic
  • Lehman Holder
  • Nelson Holmberg
  • Bruce Holmstrom
  • Steve Horenstein
  • David Horowitz
  • Dena Horton
  • Dean Irvin
  • Bob Ives
  • Pat Janik
  • Brad Jensen (Owner, Wrenhaven LLC)
  • Stacie Jesser
  • Susan Jones
  • Peter & Shela Kaseberg
  • Richard Keller
  • Clancy Kelly
  • David and Jessica Kelly
  • Curtis N. Kimsey
  • Colleen Kimseylove
  • Bob & Paula Knight
  • Marla Koch
  • Ale Krogh-Winkler
  • Phil Landesberg
  • Carole Langsdorf
  • Ann Laurier
  • Ron and Polly Lauser
  • Lorraine Leedy
  • Craig Limoges
  • Doug Long
  • Jim Luce
  • Carol Luckett
  • Chuck Ludwig
  • Kevin Lux
  • Michael Lynch
  • Linda Mabry
  • Sue Marshall
  • Jason Martel
  • Donna Mason
  • Lance McDaniel
  • Kathy McDonald
  • Bridget McLeman
  • Dennis Meade
  • Tom & Kathy Mears
  • Dennis Megrditchian (Self)
  • Rick and Sarah Melching
  • Dee Memering
  • Laura Merry
  • Ginger Metcalf
  • George Middleton
  • Art Miles
  • Dave Miletich
  • Nancy Miller
  • David & Sharyn Moriguchi
  • Cathy Morton
  • JD Muyskens
  • Marg Nelson
  • David Nierenberg
  • Erin Nolan Slaughter
  • Kelly Nolen
  • Patricia Perrault Nuzzo
  • Terry Ogle
  • Steve Oliva
  • Oliver Orjiako
  • Dave Palena
  • Barbi Papenfuse
  • Kaare Papenfuse
  • Zane Papenfuse
  • Bruce and Pam Paris
  • Larry Paulson
  • John Payne
  • Burt and Romana Paynter
  • Sharon Pesut
  • John H. Peterson
  • John M Peterson
  • Ken Peterson
  • Jerry Petrick
  • Ron Pettit
  • Bart Phillips
  • John & Marla Polos
  • Mike Pond
  • Bonson Potter
  • Lee Powell
  • John Presson
  • Greg Price
  • Ron & Terry Prill
  • Larry Pruitt
  • Karen Read
  • Dale Read, Jr.
  • Dellan Redjou
  • David Regan
  • Tracy Reilly Kelly
  • Patty Reyes
  • Don Rhoads
  • Virginia Riggio-Babin
  • Gene and Janet Ritter
  • Bill Roller
  • James Rombach
  • Ken Rone
  • Russ & Claudia Roseberry
  • Adam Roselli
  • Gayle Rothrock
  • Steve Rusk
  • Mel Russell
  • Ceci Ryan Smith
  • Gary Schaefer
  • Tim Schauer
  • John Shanky
  • Peggy Shanky
  • Jennifer Simms
  • Sue Simon
  • Earl C. “Duke” Simpson
  • John P. Slabic
  • Dave Smith
  • Katlin Smith
  • Gail Spolar
  • Ila Stanek
  • Robert Stepsis
  • Elson and Jan Strahan
  • Marcia Stromquist
  • Arthur Stubbs (assistant CEO ,after Wife, retired)
  • Monica Tellez-Fowler
  • Jon & Kelly Templar
  • Lois Tennant
  • Kalka Thangkhiew
  • Kim Xuan To
  • Brian Treasure
  • Art Utterback
  • Sue Van Hoose
  • Darrel VanCoevering
  • Bob and Jan Verrinder
  • Jo Waddell
  • Bill Wagner
  • Steve Webb
  • David Weese
  • Becky Weis
  • Tim Welch
  • D'Alene White
  • John White
  • John Wight
  • Clare Wilkinson (Associate Professor, WSU Vancouver)
  • Ken Williams
  • Mike L. Williams
  • Eric & Ale Winkler
  • Jamie Woffard
  • Les Wolf
  • Lucia Worthington
  • Curt Wyrick
  • Jim & Judith Youde
  • Candace Young
  • Glen Yung
  • Judy Zeider
  • Wilf Zilke
  • Bill Zimmerman
  • John Zingale

YES! I endorse Greg Kimsey for Clark County Auditor!

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