Re-elect Greg Kimsey for Clark County Auditor

News Release – April 8, 2018

Greg Kimsey seeks re-election to the office of Clark County Auditor

Greg Kimsey

Greg Kimsey has announced he will be a candidate for re-election as the Clark County Auditor. In making the announcement Greg expressed his deep appreciation for the endorsements and financial support that more than one thousand people have provided to his current and previous campaigns.

Kimsey believes that as the county auditor his most important responsibility is to work to improve citizens’ confidence in their government. Every interaction a citizen has with government is an opportunity to improve that person’s confidence in their government. The Auditor’s Office has more direct interactions with citizens than any other county government office. If re-elected Greg is committed to ensuring that the Auditor’s Office continues to provide excellent service to citizens.

Kimsey is dedicated to being a good steward of the public’s resources. He is very proud that since he first took office in 1999, while Clark County’s population has increased by almost 40%, and the number of employees in other areas of county government has increased by more than 12%, the total number of Auditor’s Office employees has decreased by 14%. If re-elected he will continue to work hard to identify ways to provide excellent service while minimizing the cost of those services.

The 2018 legislative session resulted in the most significant changes to Washington’s elections system since 1993, when the federal “motor voter” law was enacted. Beginning in 2019 people will be allowed to register to vote on Election Day and to receive a ballot for that election. Certain groups of citizens will be automatically registered to vote and 16 year old citizens may “pre-register.” In addition, the Auditor’s office is working with the Secretary of State to replace and improve the state wide voter registration system. It is likely that in the next few years Clark County will have to replace its ballot creation and tabulation system. If re-elected Greg looks forward to implementing these changes in a way that ensures the integrity of our elections system is maintained.

The Auditor’s Office is currently involved in a three year $6 million effort to replace the county’s Oracle Financial Management System with Workday’s cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning System. If re-elected Kimsey looks forward to completing this project within budget and with all of the planned for functionality.

Kimsey has been recognized by Washington’s Secretary of State as the “County Auditor of the Year”, and by the Mainstream Republicans of Washington as the “Local Government Official of the Year.” During each of the last four years the Auditor’s Office has received the highest awards given by its national peers for its performance audits. The Auditor’s Office has maintained its long history of national recognition for the quality of the county’s annual financial report.

Greg Kimsey has served as the Clark County Auditor since 1999. In this position he serves as the county’s primary financial officer, conducts performance audits, reviews controls that are in place to safeguard the public’s assets, records legal documents, issues marriage licenses, serves as an agent for the Department of Licensing, has oversight responsibilities for nine privately owned licensing subagent offices, registers people to vote and conducts all public elections. The Auditor’s Office currently has 43 permanent employees and a $6.2 million annual budget.

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